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Princetek Peregrine Group


4B, Taofeek Lawal Street,

Off Raymond Njoku Street

South West Ikoyi,

Lagos, Nigeria
Tel:   +2348034484848



22 Kofi Annan Avenue

North Legon, Off IPMC

P.O Box 26, Abossey Okai

Accra, Ghana

Tel: +233200495503

R E G I S T E R E D   I N  N I G E R I A   A S   P P G   C O N S T R U C T I O N S   L I M I T E D



Spur Road 2, Industrial Estate 5

Clark Free Port zone, Pampanga, Phillippines

Tel +63454991100


4B, Taofeek Lawal Street,

Off Raymond Njoku Street

South West Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel:   +2348034484848





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Core Principles

Our organization has carved a distinct place for itself in the market over the years. We are standing ahead of our competitors for the following reasons:

Transparency in business

Rich industry experience

Client centric approach

Modern infrastructure

Prompt delivery.

More About PPG

PPG is a Joint Venture between Princetek International Limited, Nigeria and Peregrine Development International, Kuwait/USA. Princetek has been engaged in various levels of Property Development, Renovations and Property Upgrades, in Nigeria and California.

Princetek was incorporated in Nigeria in 1990 and has extensive contacts in the field. Peregrine has its head office in Kuwait where it has done extensive construction work and mass housing projects for the US Government. The company has the capability to deploy multiple housing units quickly and efficiently, and has tremendous experience in this field. Princetek Peregrine Group is the result of our capable organizations uniting to produce prefabricated housing, starting in West Africa and expanding to hot spots and disaster zones in USA and Asia. PPG is currently working in Ghana where it has a contract with the Federal Republic of Ghana to build 10,000 houses within the next 18 months, at a fast 1,000 units per month. PPG also is negotiating with several State Governments in the Federal Republic of Nigeria for mass housing for its indigenous groups, totaling in excess of 22,000 units. Other Countries showing serious interest in our technology are Sierra Leone, Sao Tome and Botswana.

Why Choose PPG

To provide prospective clients with durable and efficient engineering solutions and products in all our offered services.

Our new method of construction will produce environmentally friendly and attractive homes that will be built dramatically faster and less expensively than ever before. PPG has a unique capability to develop Master Planned communities, design the required homes, and design and provide supporting structures and infrastructure including roads, power, water supply and sewage treatment systems. PPG was formed to meet the unsatisfied requirement for millions of homes desperately needed throughout the world, and specifically, to employ our rapid and economical patented home building system. This is especially true for natural or man-made disasters such as the Tsunami of 2005 or civil strife in Iraq or the Sudan. While PPG has a focus on low income and disaster relief construction of homes, our capabilities and Peregrine's Fully Integrated Rapid Structures Technology (FIRST) Building System is equally suitable for one and two story mid to upper income level housing projects.

We shall pursue our assigned role only within the parameters of our utmost important values:


All projects will be evaluated from a safety awareness point of view, rather than a profit oriented point of view. The management is responsible for providing a safe working environment for all employees.


We will respect the right and dignity of each and every employee. We will encourage and help employees develop their individual potential. We will recognize, promote and pay based on merit.


We are dedicated to proudly providing services with honour and integrity.  We will continuously improve our operations in order to satisfy our customers.


We will deal fairly and honestly with our suppliers of goods and services. We will provide each qualified supplier an equal opportunity to compete. We will be financially responsible.


We will base our decisions on intelligent, informed, and sound business practices. We will assure managerial continuity with the development of our individuals. We will promote performance through motivation. We will provide recognition by setting clear attainable goals.


We will, as good corporate citizens, conduct our business lawfully, ethically, and in a socially responsible manner. We want this company to be known for its excellence; therefore, we believe every task in every part of our business should be performed in accordance to our values.